Thursday, January 23, 2014


I created this blog to support the Flipped Learning Workshops I teachThese workshops are single and multi-day, hands-on experiences with video and audio equipment, Apple laptop computers, and the software that I use to produce my flipped class materials.
Flipped Class Example - This is a small part of my WILD 4500 Wildlife Management class at Utah State University. I use the flipped learning model for this class. Here you can see 3 classes of the 19 that make up the class.  If prompted, the password to watch the videos is:  wildlife

Reference Material 

Twelve Principles of Multimedia Learning - R.E. Mayer. 2001. Multimedia Learning. Cambridge University press. NY 
Five Best Practices for the Flipped Classroom  
The Flipped Class Revealed  
The Flipped Class Manifest
A Couple of References to Download on the Impact of Flipped Learning  
Inside Higher Ed Materials on Flipped Learning

Helpful Links  

USU Center for Innovative Design and Instruction
USU Flipped Learning Support 
Apple iMovie How-to Blog - This blog has lots of creative ideas on how to use Apple iMovie.  
Camtasia for Mac Tutorials - Here are some very helpful tutorials at the Techsmith web site. 

Links to the Gear I Use 

Azden Wireless Microphone Systems - I really like the quality and durability of these wireless mics. They are expensive and if you do not plan to use a wireless mic often, there are less expensive choices. This is the mic system I use for location shooting.
Samson Meteor Mic - This is the mic that I connect via USB to my computer and use when recording Powerpoint or Camtasia presentations.
Manffroto Tripods and Heads - These are high quality and sturdy. Manfrotto has lots of other neat stuff to make shooting videos easier. 
Panasonic HD Video Camera - This model is not current, but I really like how easy it is to use and it has held up very well to lots of abuse. My next one will have a solid state drive for storing the video, instead of a hard drive. 
Canon 70D - When I want high quality and versatility in my videos, I use a Canon digital SLR. It is heavy and big, but sometimes the tradeoff is worth it.  

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  1. Hi, I'm really excited to hear more about this topic. I love the potential reach of E-learning, but it's only effective if carried out right.

    Do you have a citations page for articles that show the effectiveness of this approach? Are you aware of any on-going studies? Thanks!

  2. Hi - I uploaded a few references to get you started on your search for articles. Enjoy! Rich